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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Winter Inspiration Board

At the start of every new season, I like to create a sort of mood board and, to me, the Winter instalment is always the most important. I'm a Summer girl through and through and the transition from warm, sunny days to the miserable and bleary always leaves me feeling melancholy. A mood board really helps me to realise that there still is inspiring things to behold during the Winter months.

Mood Board: What's inspiring me this Winter

Teddy bear coats | Winter neutrals

What is your favourite season?


  1. Oh wow those veggies look amazing!!! Cant wait for winter haha!

  2. oh my gosh i love mood boards! this is gorgeous and def something i can think of for the upcoming winter months!

  3. Love mood boards!! Ah these outfits have me so excited for winter already! I still have along while for this weather, but definitely loving it!

  4. Love the makeup!! And love the coat in the top left photo, it's looks warm and comfy. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  5. Don't they look comforting?! It's definitely a goal of mine to make this at least once for dinner before Winter is over. x

  6. I'm always so inspired by mood boards. Glad you liked mine, even though it's not really relevant to you right now enjoying Summer (I'm so jealous) haha. x

  7. I will say: although I hate the cold of Winter, I do love layered Winter fashion. :) x

  8. Right?! How gorgeous are both of those girls?! x


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