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Monday, March 2, 2015

February Lookback & March Goals.

Did anyone else wake up today shocked at the fact that it's March? (holy shit)
Maybe it's due to the public holiday we had yesterday, but I swear we were somewhere mid Feb when I left work on Friday.
Anyways, here's how I went with my February goals..
On a related note: Does anyone have any tips for motivating a lazy-assed mofo? I don't think I've ever successfully completed over half of the goals I set for myself..
Have an exercise routine
Well shit. Christie didn't stick to a goal involving exercise. What a surprise
I did, however, re-join a netball team which was the least I wanted to do.
Post at least 1 recipe per month
It has only been a month since posting my goals, but I did post a recipe.. Whether I keep posing recipes is another matter, but for now, I'll count this as a pass.
Refocus on financial health
Looking at my bank statement this month, it would seem I spent a whole less than I have in a long, long time. I didn't even look at my favourite clothes and shoe sites. Ka-Ching.
Eat a healthy breakfast daily
Whoops. I started off so well.. then.. not so much. I'm lazy, what can I say? I am getting better at this whole breakfast business, just not as good as I would have liked.. I'm still only having about two breakfasts on weekdays, and one on the weekend if I'm lucky.
Take more photos
Remember those Week's End posts I used to do? Whelp, the only reason I've stopped posting them is because I got lazy (surprise) and just plain stopped taking photos.. Even my Instagram is suffering.. I want to take at least four photos of four different places/things a week.

Cook dinner for Jesse at least twice
Considering homeboy doesn't live with me, and we both work full-time, it's hard to get the time to cook a meal we can eat together. This month, I'd like to cook him dinner like the good little girlfriend I am once a fortnight at the least. Hopefully carrying on my 1 recipe post a month plan at the same time. TO PINTEREST!

Wind down before bed
I've been having the most awful night's sleep for months now, and it's resulted in me popping the good ol' sleeping pill every night.. which can't be good.
As soon as Jesse leaves at night, rather than keep the TV on for that extra half hour while I scroll through my various newsfeeds, I want to switch off and 
use that time to read a chapter, or pamper myself with a face mask and pedi.. Anything that doesn't involve staring at a screen.

Connect with other bloggers
I've met some amazing people the past year thanks to blogging. I'd like to I'd like to join chats on Twitter, and reach out to new people to form new relationships as well as connect more with my regular blogging friends this month. I'd especially love to meet some more Australian bloggers! 
Try that yoga class right next to work
It's amazing what you find when you actually look..
I discovered that there's a yoga class literally right next to my office.
They're doing a $39 for 30 day promotion as well! I'm thinking I'm going to try it out.. Maybe start by going every Friday to unwind, with a few mid-week sessions thrown in every now and then?

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