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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Thanks A Lot, Jesse.

I guess two or so weeks ago, I began developing somewhat of a new habit..
Does anyone remember that 'Thanks Obama' video that was all over the interwebs circa two years ago?  With the times, Christie. With the times. insert thumbs-up emoji here
Anywhoozle, if you were living under a rock in 2013 and didn't climb back out in to the real world until this new year's eve, it's basically a video where everything and anything was blamed on President Obama - Funny shit and I've basically picked up that very mindset.. only you can just go ahead and replace Obama with my boyfriend and welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Christie Brown, population: 1.

I guess when you spend so much time with another human being, everything and anything links back to or reminds you of them in some way or the other. I guess nobody other than Jesse will actually understand what this post is even talking about, rendering it a pretty big and pointless waste of time, but hey! It's fun to blame things on other people..

For example:

I still have the strongest desire imaginable to bob along to 'Happy', the song I loathe the most.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

I chose to listen to Metallica over Drake on my drive to work today. 
Thanks a lot, Jesse

I crave Hungry Jacks' meatless hash brown cheeseburger hourly.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

I now say 'pudding' instead of dessert'.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

I've found myself (secretly) watching the highlights from the F1 Grand Prix all morning.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

I wake up lonely because my sheets smell like him.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

There's a spot on my doona that looks suspiciously like the sauce he had on his lamb chops the other week.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

My car will never be fast or loud enough to satisfy me.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

I tripped over the cord to my laptop this morning.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

My bin needs to be emptied because it's full of lolly and fast food wrappers.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

Whenever someone asks me what I want to do, my first thought is "TIMEZONE!"
Thanks a lot Jesse.

I find myself browsing Facebook for car events to go to.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

My TV was on full-blast and scared the shit out of me when I turned it on this morning.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

I'm disgusted in the fact that I am sad because 'Dead Island 2' isn't coming to Xbox 360.
Thanks a lot, Jesse.

Or how about the fact that an XBox 360 permanantly resides in my room..
Thanks a lot, Jesse. 

..and I play it. All the time.
Thanks a lot, Jesse. 

I can't go a single day without missing his face.
Thanks a whole fucking lot, Jesse.

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