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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Friday Finds.

\\  Ugly cables are the bane of my existence. THE BANE! This cable cityscape is such a clever idea  for when you just can't hide those cords.  //
\\  I love me an easy peasy DIY. This DIY doily lamp is so cute!  //
\\  When I first saw the photo of this twisted crown braid, I was sure it'd be too elaborate for me, but the tutorial proved me wrong. It's so simple and looks great!  //
\\  I've been obsessing over Alice in Wonderland lately, and I'm loving this drink me necklace. I doubt I'd wear it, but it's just one of those cool things you want for no real reason.  //
\\  I'm too in love with this mimosa Mondays shirt.. sigh.. A world where Monday's aren't so bad.  //
\\  This colour blocked chocolate & edible flower bark is so pretty! As in, too pretty to eat pretty.  //

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