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Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Finds.

Here are a few of my internet finds (and loves) from over the past week:

\\  This shirt sums up my lash life 100%  //
\\  I could definitely deal with a boozy coconut hot chocolate right now.  //
\\  I love this pretty double braid ponytail!  //
\\  Just LOOK at these heart emoji doughnuts!  //
\\  This wall art just gets me. Y'know?  //
\\  How gorgeous does white peach and rose lemonade sound?  //

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my god that coconut hot chocolate is exactly what I need in my life!!! Am going to attempt to recreate it today!! haha

    April | www.mynameisapril.org

  2. GET ON ITTTT! :o
    Let me know how it tasted! I'm definitely keen to give it a try. :) x

  3. I need that t-shirt (and hot chocolate)! Great picks!

    <a href="http://knotsandruffles.blogspot.com”>Knots and Ruffles</a>

  4. Not a matter of want, a matter of need. :P x


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