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Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Beauty Favourites.

Excuse me, 2015, kindly slow your ass down.
I can't believe February (and Summer) is over already!
No matterI. 'll be using mango scented products all year 'round!
Here are my accidental mango themed beauty favourites from February:

One: Matrix Biolage Sunsorials Sun Repair Treatment
It's been hot her over that past two months, and my poor hair has taken a beating; sun, salt, chlorine, and wind have taken their toll. This conditioning treatment is my favourite product from the Sunsorials range in terms of results. I use the treatment in conjunction with the after sun shampoo, which removes all that nasty salt and chlorine from the hair. Aside from the fact that these both smell uh-mazing, like tropical mangos (again, mango. Not soz), I'm left with soft, moisturised hair that's shiny and easily manageable. I also love the after sun spray- I take it to the beach with me and apply a spritz or two throughout the day. It instantly moisturises my salt crusted hair and is so very soothing on my fried-by-the-sun scalp.

Two: Avon's Silicone Glove Hand Cream
This is probably my favourite hand cream out. 've loved it since I can remember! I have a real problem with my hands: they feel annoyingly dry every time a drop of water touches them. This baby is formulated with silicone, which leaves my hands feeling so very soft, and actually gives them somewhat of a layer of protection, from then on, that dry feeling won't return no matter how many times I wash my hands. The scent, however, I'm not crazy about - it's pretty strong but I can definitely tolerate it considering the results it gives. AND it's so very inexpensive - Ka-ching!

How many times have I raved about mango anything from The Body Shop now?
30? 40 times? Regardless, I can't get enough of this scent! I've got their mango body butter, hand lotion, soap, and body scrub, and for Christmas, Jesse bought me a mango gift pack (he knows me so well) containing the shower gel and oh lawdy! I had the gel quite some time ago and of course used it all within a week because I was that in love. Using this baby again has made me realise how much I missed it! In my opinion, it's the best (read: strongest) smelling out of all their mango products and leaves my skin lightly scented all day.

Four: Natio's Tinted Moisturiser - SPF 20+
Over the Summer months, I found I'd been ditching the full face of foundation, and opting for this tinted moisturiser. It's one of the very few tinted formulas that doesn't irritate or oil up my sensitive skin. It's a light coverage tint for a fresh faced 'no make-up' look (Just be sure to apply powder on top to set the colour as I mean it when I say it's light coverage), all with the added goodness of sun protection. There's also a SPF 50+ offering for the same price, but that one seems to leave my face greasy. I've also been using this under my foundation during the night time, acting as a blur.

Five: Lush's Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar
I was sceptical when I first picked up this bar, but I really love it and have bought three more since then. The beans in this bar provide a really nice massaging effect which feels SO GOOD on sore muscles. I used to use this on my calves and bad knee after a particularly hard game of netball, but since I was forced to quit, I now mostly use it on my lower back as hours of sitting at a desk have really taken their toll. I'll use it on my calves and feet every now and then as a treat. I use it after a shower so that my skin is warmer and melts the bar. The warming sensation of the ingredients is so good on knots, and the fact that it's also a great moisturiser, it's a win-win! You'll just need to buy a tin to store this in when not in use because it melts so damn fast! (I actually had to keep in in the fridge this month). I don't really like the smell of cinnamon, and it's quite a strong smell, to but I can deal with it if I don't use too much. I actually find it relaxing at night and helps soothe me to sleep.

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