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Thursday, February 19, 2015

February BellaBox Unboxing.

Guys, BellaBox is getting all fancy-like with their boxes, and just I don't know how I feel about that. What was wrong with the classic blue and white polka-dot boxes, BellaBox? Why do you feel the need to confuse me with cardboard folded in to fancy little envelope boxes?

Anyways, this month was s box tributed to Cosmopolitan's 500th issue. Seeming as I love me some Cosmo, and included was a copy of said 500th issue, this was alright by me and I was pleased for the most part of the contents of the weird envelope box.

Here's what I got in my "Beauty School" box:

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
I've used up about three sample sized bottles of this lotion in the past six months. I was so thrilled to have another one as I've just finished the one I have on my work desk. I haven't gotten around to buying myself a full sized bottle, only because I've already got that many lotions cluttering my vanity. Once I've used most of them up, I'll be grabbing myself a bottle of this badboy. It's such a nice formula, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I have used it on my face a couple of times and I do feel it's gentle enough to do so, but I mostly just stick to rubbing it on my hands, arms and legs. It claims to be fragrance free, but it does have a faint smell. Not a chemically one, a natural, clean one. It reminds me of wheat and oatmeal. The formula is quickly absorbed in to the skin without leaving that sticky/slimy residue, instead, leaving my skin feeling soft and nourished.
RRP: $14.99

ChapStick Natural Pawpaw Lip Balm
I've been running low on lip balms so this was a welcome addition.
We all know how effective ChapStick's line is, so I won't get too in to it. Pawpaw's a super nourishing ingredient, so the addition of a pawpaw balm to the range was a good move, ChapStick. Good move, indeed.
RRP: $4.99

Original Source Shower Mint & Tea Tree
 Vegan friendly = Christie's tick of approval.
I've never heard of this brand, but that packaging's pretty rad. I've not used it yet, but I feel it'd be an ideal body wash to use in the morning to really wake you up, but could still be refreshing after a long day. The full sized bottle claims to pack 7,927 (so very specific) real mint leaves in to each bottle.. Which is cool. I honestly was expecting a scent that was overpoweringly strong. Yes, it smelly quite minty, but it still manages to be pleasant.
RRP: $3.99

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
 I've not had much luck with Neutrogena products on my face, so I'm a bit nervous about using this one. It claims to release moisture continuously all day for that nourished glow. It sounds good in theory as my face is always so damn dry, I'm just worried that although it may moisturise my skin, it may go too far and leave it oily. I can just hear mum saying her famous "Don't be judging a book by it's cover, Christie", so I'll give this a go anyways.. Review pending.
RRP: $14.99

Essie Nail Colour
 Oh Essie. I love you!
Essie is by far my favourite nail polish brand, but rarely will I buy it. $16 for one bottle of (not even gel) nail polish is a bit extreme for budget-friendly me. This box did contain a voucher for $6 off my Essie purchase at Priceline, however so maybe I'll treat myself. The colour I received was from their Summer range, a lovely ocean blue.

Sk'in Organics Skincare Regime - Oily or Combination Skin
 The fact that BellaBox makes you take a beauty quiz before you sign up was the reason I chose BellaBox as my subscription box for the year, and it's paying off every month as they tailor each box to your skincare needs. As I answered I have oily/combination skin, I got sent these particular sample sachets. I probably won't use the line smoothing serum, mum can have that, but I'll definitely be using the cleansing gel and rebalancing lotion. As this was a bonus product, I was quite impressed with the product quality; Usually I feel as though they just chuck a random something extra in the boxes as a 'bonus'. Upping the game, guys. Upping the game.
RRP: Gel Cleanser - $29.95
Rebalancing Lotion - $44.95
Line Smoothing Serum - $59.95

All in all, I enjoyed mulling over this month's box, Cosmopolitan magazine in hand and was pleased with the products I received. As next month will be Autumn, I'm looking forward to (hopefully) different types of products to try!

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