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Monday, February 2, 2015

January Look Back & February Goals.

Writing and sharing my goals has really motivated me to get shit done.
However, my January goals were a pretty big fail..
I DID IT! I finally committed to that bedroom storage re-vamp and did a good old throw out of random junk I'd acquired over the years after how many months of putting it off? Six? Yeesh! I didn't end up going through my closet and donating anything I no longer wore, but I feel this re-vamp feat was enough to earn me a big green title on this one.

Get active
Womp womp.
I didn't really have overly high expectations for this one anyways. #LazyLife
I didn't even look in to yoga or pilates classes around me, let alone actually doing something even remotely exercise related.

Donate old clothes
I'm so proud of my storage achievement, I'm not even mad I didn't get this done. I do need to, though; I've just ordered a whole bunch of new season pieces that need a home a pon their arrival this week. Eeek,

Apply for a passport
Yeah, no. Planes, no.
BUT Jesse and I have been speaking about an overseas holiday this year. Hopefully he can kick my ass in to getting one.

I did do everything I wanted to do on my break from work, though. Perhaps I'll put this down as a semi-fail instead.

Have an exercise routine
In short, I've put on weight and I don't like it. I just don't feel good anymore and I plan to fix this with exercise and clean(er) eating.
I'd like to join a pilates class and commit to going at least once a week.
I'd also like to re-join a netball team, preferably mixed, and get back to playing once a week again (sorry, doctor Dawson). Maybe throw some end of week yoga in there to?

Post at least 1 recipe per month
In my experience, recipes have brought the most traffic to my blog (thank you Pinterest) and I do love to cook. It'll give me a chance to try some recipes I pinned and then totally forgot about. It also means there's less chance of me going to buy take out. I see zero down sides. Zero!

Refocus on financial health
Going out and spending a ton of money is fun and all, but I think I went overboard last month. I need to curb the spending this month, especially on the weekends and I shall not open even one online shopping window this month.

Eat a healthy breakfast daily
I'm getting better at this whole breakfast business, but I'm still only having about two breakfasts on weekdays, and one on the weekend.

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