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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Month on Instagram - January.

If you've been following Christie's Take on Life, you'll know by now that I'm a major lover of Instagram! It's the perfect outlet for posting inspiration and little snippets of life, and seeing what my favourite bloggers and friends are up to.

There are so many times my Instagram posts never make it to my blog, and that's a damn shame because I consider myself to be quite the photographer..
.. Not really, but it's a shame nonetheless.
Instalife the past month looked something like this:

 Australia has the best beaches, man. I swear.
During January, I had booked time off from work and spent majority of my days on the coast..

..Meaning Instagram last month was pretty beach picture heavy. Soznotsoz.

I had a much needed café lunch catch-up with mum.

Our peach tree went bazerk and grew a shit ton of fruit, so I lived off of this peach and mango smoothie all month. So good, and healthy!

It was mine and Jesse's one year anniversary on the 13th, and we celebrated with an Italian dinner. Seriously. This place is too cute with it's classic red and white checked tablecloths.

In the state of depression I had encountered a pon waking up to my last day before having to go back to work, I headed down to the beach one last time..

.. and was greeted by the most beautiful sky I'd ever seen.
I've literally used no filter here. Magical!

THIS! This is what I've been craving every single day since it's creation.
I'll be posting the (super simple) recipe some time next week for y'all, knocking down two of my February goals in one. BAM.

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