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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bulk Veet Review + Giveaway.

If there's one beauty chose I hate, it's hair removal - I'm so damn lazy!
I'm constantly looking for products to make this process faster and easier.

Before I start I'd just like to say that I normally shave my legs. Though this is a short term solution, it's quick, and it's painless. Aside from the fact that I rarely have the patience to spend more than 2 minutes removing unwanted hair, I have had some pretty nasty waxing experiences in the past, caused by my sensitive skin's reaction to the harsh treatment.

Nonetheless, I was excited to be approached by Veet*, asking if I'd like to try out a few of their hair removal products aimed at people with sensitive skin; Any potential long-term solution to my dilemma is okay by me. Waxing is by far a better option, compared to shaving- the hair takes much longer to grow back, and it's so much softer once it does. Waxing also exfoliates your skin and wont give you ingrown hairs.

I received my box of goodies the following week:

Each product came in it's own box, complete with a set of instructions and a few packs of finishing wipes. The instructions were all clear and super easy to follow, complete with little diagrams.
I'm not crazy about the oily feeling the wipes have to them, but they do such a great job of removing any wax residue that may be stuck to your skin, and the oil washes off easily enough with warm water.

Regular Cold Wax Strips (Sensitive)
I got sent the pack of 20 strips that are the perfect size for use on the legs. They are very easy to use and there is no mess to clear up afterwards (apart from the used strips). A box is pretty good value for money - it took me 4 (each pulls apart to make two, so technically, 8) strips to fully wax both of my legs and each strip can be used multiple times. I didn't experience any irritation or skin redness as I have with wax strips in the past, and my legs were left feeling moisturised due to the aloe vera. It definitely look longer than running a razor over my legs, but it's much more long-term, saving me time and hassle later down the track.

Facial Cold Wax Strips (Sensitive)

Facial hair is not one of my concerns, but for the sake of reviewing it, I decided to give it a go on my eyebrows and I must say I am quite impressed! I'm used to plucking my eyebrows so waxing was not a shock to this area. The wax does a good job of removing fine hair, I'm quite impressed at how easy the whole process is. This is the first time I have waxed my brows myself so I was a bit nervous about ripping a chunk out of the middle, for that reason, I didn't get too close to the brow line and just used the strips (cut in half) lower down. It was quick and easy, and I only needed the two halved strips to do both brows. I do prefer the precision of plucking with tweezers, but I found using the strips lower down, and finishing off with tweezers around the brow line was so much more efficient, and I avoided missing those one or two hairs I always seem to miss with tweezers.

Sensitive Hair Removal Cream
This is easy enough to use, simply apply the cream onto the skin, wait 5-10 minutes and remove cream (and hair) using the spatula. It's definitely a more time consuming and messy process, but it worked well for me. The included spatula is great! It's ends are coated in rubber, which prevents scrapes and  scratches and worked as good as a sharp razor would, leaving my legs hair-free, smooth and shiny. I was a bit bothered that the root was still in my skin as this obviously means the hair grows back quicker than it would had you waxed, but it still took longer to grow back than it does when I shave - A happy medium. I know hair removal creams tend to have a strong smell and this is the case with Veet too, but it didn't bother me as such. It was quite fascinating to watch the hair fizzle up a little, which did concern me - what was it doing to my skin? Those thoughts were quickly extinguished as I removed the cream and neither saw nor felt any irritation or redness. I have found that most creams irritate me so much that I break out in an itchy, stinging rash. This was gentle enough for my skin which is great.

EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit
This comes with a handy wax cartridge that clicks into a self heating applicator, which warms the wax to the right temperature. The instructions state that the unit takes approximately 20 minutes to heat up, however I found that it was more effective if I allowed about 40 minutes - after which it was the perfect temperature, still not too hot, and allowed the wax to go on much thinner. Once it is detached from the cable, you have 15 minutes of heated wax to use. I do wish there were more strips included, as I basically used them all up in one session (using each multiple times) but they can easily be purchased separately. The applicator itself applied the wax cleanly and evenly and the roller didn't stick, pull or drag once and I love that the wax itself is pink, meaning you can clearly exactly where you've applied it. The kit box comes with one cartridge for use on legs and body, which lasts for several waxing sessions and there are two types of refills available: One for the legs and another for the bikini and underarms. Like all other of the products I tried, I did not suffer any redness at all (it wasn’t even a little pink). I did, however, need to go over certain areas more than once and the overall time spent was far greater than shaving, but the result was well worth the extra effort.

The people at Veet have been incredibly generous and have offered to supply me with some Veet goodies to give away to one lucky winner.

This is an international giveaway, and will be open for three weeks, beginning on May 10 at 12am (GMT+8), running through to May 31, closing at 12am (GMT+8).
All entries will be verified; any fraudulent or bot entries will be discounted.
Any unfollowers as at the announcement of a winner will be disqualified.
Good luck!

*I was sent these products for free in exchange for a review/mention on the blog. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I really want to try those cold wax strips because I hate shaving so frequently during the summer!

  2. They're definitely a better solution! Thanks for entering, good luck! x


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