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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide.

One: Earrings
Spoiling mum with jewellery is always a good idea, especially if she rarely buys anything for herself. These elegant Aquamarine and Diamond studs are simply gorgeous.

Two: Cook Book
I love Pinterest. Love. But I feel somewhat nostalgic towards the good old cook book. Perhaps it's because some of my earliest childhood memories are of sitting with mum on a cold Winters day and flicking through her passed-down for generations cookbooks; getting to choose what new recipe we'd try for dinner.

Three: Candle
I don't know a single mum who doesn't love candles. These candles were new in store the very day I went in last week, and they all smell so good! The pomegranate & raspberry one, though. My God!

Four: eReader
My mum loves to read (and has passed that trait down to me), and there's nothing better than our little family get-togethers where we'd all exchange read books, but once she's finished her current read, it's often months before she gets down to the bookshop to pick up something new. Getting mum in to the modern, technological world is a scary thought, but at least this way she's never without a read.

Five: Bracelet
More jewellery, however this is a more sentimental piece. Although she probably couldn't wear it regularly, working with children and all, she can look down on this 'Love You Mum' bracelet nestled in her jewellery box and be reminded just what she means to me.

Lush does so many different gift packs, but this 'mum' gift is my favourite of the lot; It contains so many fruity goodies. Putting up with us kids, she deserves a good pampering.

This is more of a humorous gift tailored to my mum and her combined habit of making a mess in the kitchen, and (embarrassing) love for Devo.

Okay, so this may be on the list because I want one, but my mum would appreciate it just as much. It comes as just a décor piece, or as a buzzer.

What have you brought or are thinking of purchasing for your mum?


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