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Monday, May 25, 2015

Winter Inspiration Boards.

Whelp. After months of dreading the inevitable, it finally happened: Winter is almost here.
In an attempt to psych myself up from my cold weather induced depression even a little bit, I looked to good old Pinterest for some Wintery inspiration, and you know what? I've decided it's not so bad. I mean, warm soups and jacket potatoes, scented candles and fireplaces, big scarves and Ugg boots; Summer is still, by far, my favourite time of year, but I'm beginning to see some of Winter's beauty - Even though we never get pretty snow.

On a related note: Someone take me to see snow.

One   Two   Three   Four   Five   Six

One   Two   Three   Four   Five   Six

One   Two   Three   Four   Five   Six

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