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Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Finds.

Here are some finds (and loves) from this past week:
\\  Here's 22 carat gold plated brass pineapple ring. Because why not?  //
\\ Guys. Sprinkle nails. Literal Sprinkles.. on nails.. How fun.  //
\\  Something tells me that my best friend would be all for these DIY confetti streamers to help celebrate her upcoming birthday.  //
\\  This green tea & white chocolate tiramisu sounds delish!  //
\\  This cereal fudge makes my inner child feel all kinds of excited.  //
\\  Can we just bypass Winter? No? Whelp, looks like I'll just have to make 50 of these DIY coffee candles. Because roasted coffee is probably the most cosy and comforting scent known to man.  //

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