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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October Look Back & November Goals.

A look back at October's goals:

Build my bank balance back up

"After buying abovementioned car, my bank is left looking a bit sad. For that reason, I'm putting a spending ban on myself until it looks a little healthier. I'm only spending money on the essentials this whole month, maybe longer. Wish me luck."
Tick: I hardly spent anything last month, mainly due to the fact that there was nothing to spend, but hey! A tick nonetheless

Drink more green tea
"I've never been overly in to green tea, but I'm aiming to drink 2-3 cups a day throughout October."
Cross: Cross times infinity. I think I ended up drinking less green tea than I ever have through October - whoops.

Become active in blogger Facebook groups
"I've only JUST begun joining blogger groups on Facebook *is late to the party* and they seem like such great communities. I aim to post at least one a week/fortnight in each."
Tick: I'm mighty proud of this one, and I've already met some wonderful people.

Lose another 2kg
"I'm dropping the weight-loss target this month so I don't go overboard (as I always do). Plus, it's my freaking birthday month (!!!) so, there'll be a few million extra calories consumed over that weekend. Not even sorry."
Tick: After all the dinners and the drinks of my birthday week/s, I don't know how I still managed to lose 2.3kg, but somehow, I managed it, and I'm not even mad.

 Try a healthy Spring recipe from Pinterest
"What even was life before Pinterest? I love all the fresh produce available throughout the Spring months - it makes being healthy so much easier. Bonus points if I end up posting a recipe to the ol' blogaroo."
Cross: I cooked a fair few times over October.. none of it was new. Or healthy.

November Goals

Lose 3kg
This is pretty much going to be a continuous goal for basically my whole life.. 

Have my Christmas shopping done my mid November
I'm not going to lie, I usually leave my Christmas shopping pretty last minute.. I haven't begun thinking of what I'm going to get everyone, but this year I want to have it all done before December arrives.

Fix my older Instagram hashtags
I was looking back at my older Instagram posts the other day and was disgusted by my amateur attempt at hashtags. I want to go through and add better hashtags to my posts and even delete the shitty photos.

Eat healthier
I nailed my eat 'healthier goal' for two months straight but I've somewhat lapsed back in to old habits over the past month or so. I'm determined to cut out the crappy snacks that have snuck their way back in to my diet.

Plan 3x date nights
Jesse and I have made Wednesdays after work our compulsory date night. Rather than the usual leave it to last minute to make a plan option, I'd like to spend the time thinking of cute date ideas and surprising him with what I've planned out three out of four weeks this month.


  1. Good luck with your goals. I wanna lose some weight as well!!!

  2. Becky @Disney in your DayNovember 4, 2015 at 7:49 AM

    Good luck! Sounds like you got a decent amount done last month even if it wasn't everything on the list!

  3. Thank you. :)
    Starting is the hardest part, but I'm so glad I did. I've been losing a few kilos a month for about 20 weeks now and I feel great! Just gotta put your mind to it. x

  4. Thank you. :) There's more green ticks than red crosses (just), so I'll count that as a win for October aha. x


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