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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Summer Inspiration Board.

If you didn't know that Summer is my all-time favourite season.. get the fuck out because you don't know me at all. I keed, I keed. But pay more freakin' attention next time because I've not made that fact a secret around these parts. Again, I kid. I'm just so damn excited about how close the Summertime is - I can practically taste the salty sea air and the gelato. All the gelato.

 See, Summer has always been when I feel most alive. I become so inspired to explore and make memories. I feel so carefree without worries of tomorrow. I get to enjoy life and the world around me. Beach days and deep tans, sweet fruits and girly cocktails, wavy hair and long, warm evenings.. to me, these simple things are what is what life is about.

If you're not as pumped as I am about the new season (NOBODY is as pumped as I am about the new season) - NEVER FEAR! Here are a few of my favourite little things about Summer to help get you in the mood:
|| breezy dresses and fedoras  ||  beachy waves  ||  coconut mango popsicles  ||
||  bronzed make-up  ||  deep tans  ||  chambay & lace  ||
||  beachy nails  ||  frozen banana and Bailey's drink  ||

What are your favourite Summery things?

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