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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Christmas Wishlist.

I don't mean to alarm you.. but there's exactly one month until Christmas.
One. Freakin'. Month.
Four freakin' weeks. 30 freakin' days.
Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. The food, the fun, the family.. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that 2015 is already drawing to a close. WHERE DID YOU GO, 2015? WHERE?!

As usual, I've gone off topic. CHRISTMAS DOES THAT TO ME, OKAY?!
aaand just like that, were back on topic, so before I ramble off on a completely different direction, raise your hand if you're still to finish your Christmas shopping? Now, raise your hand if you're still to start your Christmas shopping? Because that's where I'm at right now and don't you even pretend like you're not right here with me either.

Anyways, because I'm apparently a selfish Grinch, I've complied myself a little wishlist for the holiday season before I've even thought about what to get anybody else. So before we ponder what kind of terrible person I must be, let's take a look at what I wish I'll see under my Christmas Tree this year:

One: How to be Parisian Wherever You Are  ||  Two: MAC's 'Tropic Tonic' Lipstick
Three: MIMCO's envelope clutch  ||  Four: Benefit Hoola Powder
Five: The Body Shop's honey bronze shimmering dry oil
Six: The Body Shop's honey bronze bronzing powder
Seven: VS Sassoon's curl secret  ||  Eight: Anastasia Beverly Hills' Dipbrow Pomade

What's on your Christmas wishlist?


  1. It's good to know exactly what you want! I'm hoping for a sewing machine for Christmas!

  2. Love books on how to be French; stylish, never get fat, etc. etc. How many do you have to read before it happens though!!?

  3. Oooh! Here's hoping you get it! :) x

  4. Haha if only it were that easy. :P x


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