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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July Lookback & August Goals.

July goals lookback

Goal: Figure out and stick to a regular gym schedule
Yes, I, Christie Brown, joined a gym. I've not even been yet, and I feel a deep self-pitty. I'm actually quite determined to make it a regular, scheduled thing, and stick to it for the next 18 months but something tells me that it'll be fun for a week, then I'll never go again, while they rub their hands together and laugh while they take money out of my account each month.
Must. Gym. Always.
Tick: I've been going three times a week, every week.

Goal: Eat less crap
I wouldn't go so far as to say 'eat healthy', because homegirl over here just can't. Aiming to cut out snacking on junk food throughout the week, and stop eating nothing but takeaway on the weekends is a more realistic target.
Tick: I still wouldn't say I eat healthy, but I've definitely cut out a lot of junky snacks and my takeaway intake has more than halved.

Goal: Plan and book some time off
That pay raise I was dancing about on Tuesday? It came from a glowing annual performance review. One point in said review was that I have waaayyy too much annual leave accrued. Time to plan some time off, me thinks.
Tick: Jesse and I are getting away down South in two weeks.

Goal: Go to the dentist
This was my goal waaayyy back in May and surprise, surprise I still haven't been. Whoops. It really is something that I need to bite (Bite? Teeth? Dentist?? I'm hilarious) the bullet and do because that tiny hole in my molar ain't getting any better.
Tick: I did it. I needed a filling. It sucked. I'm never going again. Ever.

August goals

Re-visit old blog posts
Back in my beginner blogger days, I'd post almost daily. These posts would MAYBE be seen by a few people, and have since disappeared into the blog post graveyard. I've been poking around in those old posts lately, and I'd like to think my #BloggerSkillz have improved since then. I've seen there is more that I could squeeze out of most of my old content, things I can improve, font colours I need to change.. Even the sub-par posts can be repurposed in some way - the ideas are good, but the overall post is of amateur production. I recently recycled an old beauty hack post and it already has over 4x the amount of  views as the original.

Post a recipe
I've been whipping up a few new recipes lately and I'd love to share them. In my experience, recipes have brought the most traffic to my blog (thank you Pinterest) and It'll give me a chance to put my spin on some recipes that I pinned and then totally forgot about. I see zero down sides. Zero! 

Leave more comments
To me, it seems pretty asshole-y not to leave a thoughtful comment on a post you enjoyed reading, and you're pretty ignorant to assume people will comment on all the things if you don't reciprocate. It's something that used to be second nature to me, but I've since gotten shamefully slack. I aim to leave around 5 meaningful and encouraging (read: not shitty spam - I actually hate you) comments per day on blog posts that I liked.

Lose 3kg
My gym sessions are still consistent, but I'm falling back in to bad habits food-wise. If I can muster up the will power and monitor what I put in to my body more carefully, there's no reason why I can't lose at least 3kg this month. Because after photos amirite.

I've been getting lazy with my responses lately. Responses of all kinds, from blog-related emails and comments, to personal Facebook messages. Not only does it look bad from a professional point of view, but I'm missing out on a lot of information and events.

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