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Thursday, August 20, 2015

August BellaBox Unboxing.

No lengthy introduction today. I wanted to smash this one out before my holiday; I apologise for the shitty phone camera photos (again, I'm rushing).

Here's what I received in my August, 'Beauty by Design' Bella Box:

Pil'aten Collagen Lip Mask
This whole thing is written in Chinese, so I have no idea what's in it which makes me nervous, but the packaging's cute and supposedly, it's used by celebrities including Lady Gaga and Jessica Alba, so it can't be too bad, right? It's designed to restore moisture for softer, plumper lips, you just have to sit with a huge mask over your mouth for 20-30 minutes, which is quite a commitment - it better pay off. I'll give it a go because soft lips are life, but if I waste valuable time not eating for nothing, Im'ma be pissed.
RRP: $4.95 each

Original Source Skin Quench Shower Gel
Vegan friendly = Christie's tick of approval.
I received an Original Source shower gel in my February box and I loved it! This blackcurrant one, though, smells amazing! Like those purple snake lollies. Oh man! It's safe to say that I was stoked to receive a full size bottle of this stuff.
With the help of natural oils, my skin was left feeling soft and nourished and was lightly (again: oh man!) all day.
RRP: $4.99

Chapstick Night Repair
I applied this right before bed last night and woke up with the softest lips this morning. It has no scent and a thick and sticky consistency, which I don't mind of my overnight lip products - I feel it stays on better while I roll around like a madman.
RRP: $6.99 (day & night set)

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara
I've always been a fan of Max Factor, so I was pleased to see this full sized (!!!) tube of their mascara in my box and tried it out the very next morning.
I am all about length when it comes to eyelashes and this definitely lengthens. It also volumizes and defines the lashes better than most mascaras I've tried. Unfortunately It doesn't layer too well, clumping pretty badly by the second coat, but I found that one coat was enough for a daytime look. I don't love it for my bottom lashes, but I found it did the job if I applied just a tiny bit. It wears for hours, holding a decent curl for hours without flaking, and despite this not being a waterproof formula, it didn't smudge or run during the (rainy) day.
RRP: $23.95

Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Serum
The name just sounds so luxurious, and the fact that this is made with truffles makes me feel all kinds of fancy (plus, dat $100 price tag).
I applied it as a base under my moisturiser to amp up the hydration and boy! It was heaven! It has a runny, milky consistency, which is slightly tacky to touch which was great under my foundation because everything adhered nicely. It absorbs in to my face super quickly and has a delicate smell, leaving it velvety soft and more even. I wish it was cheaper, I really do. I'd definitely go out and buy the full sized bottle. At least a little goes a long way! I can see this sample lasting me a while.
RRP: $99.95 (sigh)

BONUS: Dermal Therapy Heel Balm Platinum
not photographed
RRP: $13.95

All in all, I was very impressed with everything I received this month, and full sized products are always more than welcome.

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